Special Sessions


  1. Intelligent learning in control systems
  2. Human Centered Transportation Systemsmore
  3. Conflict Resolution 
  4. Matrix and Tensor Analysis for Big Visionmore
  5. Perception and its Applications, more
  6. Computational Awarenessmore
  7. Grey Systems: Theory and Applications
  8. Soft Computing, more
  9. Sensing, Monitoring, and Decision Making for Urban Environments
  10. Intelligent Internet Systemsmore
  11. Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications, more 
  12. Shared Control, more 
  13. Enterprise Systems
  14. Medical and health care engineering4th mini-symposium on Medical & Health Technology Medical and health care engineering, more
  15. Knowledge Engineering in Medicine and Health Informatics, 4th mini-symposium on Medical & Health Technology Medical and health care engineering, more
  16. Brain Machine Interfaces for Practical Applications, more 
  17. Brain Computer Interface for Communication, Control and Rehabilitation, more
  18. Emerging trends: adaptive and hybrid BCIs, more
  19. Granular Computing
  20. Image Quality Assessment, Security, and Systems
  21. Distributed Adaptive Systems, more
  22. Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networksmore
  23. Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Chainsmore
  24. Collaborative Technologies and Applicationsmore
  25. Collaborative Processing of Big Datamore
  26. Training effectiveness of virtual simulation environments
  27. Communications During Emergencies
  28. Collaborative BCI
  29. Innovative Technologies and Applications in Computer Intelligencemore
  30. Model-based Healthcare
  31. Automated Intelligence and Innovative Applicationsmore
  32. Computational Intelligence for Water Sustainability, more
  33. Intelligent Media and New-Generation Software
  34. Intelligent Processing in Medical and Welfare Devices
  35. Modelling, analysis and control of human-machine motor coordination, more 
  36. Data Science for Big Datamore
  37. Image Processing and Pattern Recognitionmore
  38. Decision Support Systems based on Multicriteria Modelsmore
  39. Intelligent Robots and Systems
  40. Ecological Interface Design: 25 years and counting
  41. BCI for real-world applications
  42. Frontiers in Model-Based Systems Engineering
  43. Intelligent Vehicular Systems and Controlmore
  44. Emerging Technologies in Medical Mechatronics
  45. Uncertainly in Big Data
  46. Computational Intelligence Methods for Big Data Processingmore
  47. Friendly Design for Disability in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  48. Proactive Health Care Systems: Methodologies and Applications
  49. Human Machine Interface, Haptics and Robotics, more
  50. Intelligent Automation and Agent-based Systems, more
  51. Advance on Discrete Event Systems: theory and applications
  52. Machine Learning
  53. Autonomous Learning and Evolving Intelligence